Grin Natural Toothpaste


Grin Natural Toothpaste
Branding and Packaging



Grin is all about what they leave in, what they leave out, and how they leave your teeth. Their formulation is not only100% natural, but is scientifically proven to combat tooth decay and to help keep the mouth healthy - because toothpaste needs to get the job done.

Grin is a natural toothpaste made right here in New Zealand. We, at DNA Design, were asked to research and map the customer experience of toothpaste purchases in order to find the right niche in the market Grin could settle itself into. Then, the visual identity of the brand was created. 

Our challenge was to find the perfect balance between making the toothpaste look completely natural and organic, without looking homeopathic and like 'my-granny-just-concocted-this-in-the-garden', but also not too artificial and chemically-ridden. These visual cues would make a large impact on whether someone would purchase the product thinking that it would actually work and do the job.

We are completely stoked to present Grin toothpaste to the market, it can be found at New World and local pharmacies. Keep an eye out for the new children's range that is launching soon!